Katerina Iliopoulou was born in Athens. She has graduated from from Metropolitan University in London, department of Fine Arts, where she studied Jewellery and Silversmithing, while she also holds a first degree in Chemistry (from the University of Thessaloniki). Since 2001 she lives and works in Athens where she established her own workshop. She has exchibited her work in several group exhibitions and galleries in Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos and London. Since 2001 she has been teaching jewellery making and design and from 2005 she has founded “Vortex Arts”, an arstist’s studio and seminar center for the arts (jewellery, photography, cinema, art theory, www.vortexarts.gr), where she continues teaching jewellery making and also creating her own work.

In Katerina`s Iliopoulou work both architectural and organic forms are combined to produce bold three- dimensional one- off pieces.
Her interest for enrichment and manipulation of the metal surface, has led her to research many different techniques, such as reticulation, fusion, married metals, various inlays and patinations.
Her fascination with volume and evolution of a form into space, has led her to master hollow construction.
The forms produced by this procedure are far from being descrete, they manifest their existence, as they invade into space, although they are never aggressive but rather protective of some sort of “secret”
The rich textured surfaces of her sculptural forms, often give the impression of antiquity which contradicts the rather “futuristic “designs. The result is unusual and fascinating jewellery.
The traces of lost landscapes and the shapes of private mystical rooms, often present in her jewellery create a kind of work which is not only decorative but expresses the ritualistic character of jewellery and explores its potential for magic, intimacy and psychological resonance.”